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Car Rental Denver Airport

Car rental is rarely one of those itinerary items that travelers feel fully confident about. For whatever reason, whether it is for business travel or just a leisurely vacation, car rental particulars may not seem that clear to travelers. However, renting a car at the airport while traveling can be a lot more convenient and simplified than many travelers have come to realize.

Renting a car at the airport in Denver is much easier than you might think.

Denver International Airport is located just 35 minutes from downtown Denver. All rental car companies at Denver International Airport are located on the airport's property. However, none of the rental car companies are located at the airport's main terminal.

Each rental car company provides a courtesy shuttle for rental car customers to and from Jeppesen Terminal where rental car companies are located on the property. These courtesy shuttles conduct pick ups and drop offs at Jeppesen Terminal at Island 4 on Level 5 outside of doors 505-513 on the east side and doors 504-512 on the west side.

Travelers arriving to Denver International Airport should follow the overhead signs for ground transportation to locate the appropriate pick-up location for car rental services. Otherwise, travelers can find at the check-in for their rental car company at the center of the terminal.

Traveling to and from Denver International Airport should be a memorable experience for all of the right reasons. Armed with accurate information regarding car rental at the airport, you can thoroughly enjoy your travel to and from Denver with car rental pick-up and drop-off at the airport going without a single hiccup. This should allow you to simply enjoy your time traveling, whether it is for business or leisure.

You can learn more about the car rental options available to you in Denver by visiting the Denver International Airport site.

Picture Gallery of Denver Airport

Car Rental In Denver Airport - denver airport made to resemble the rocky mountian
denver airport made to resemble the rocky mountians
Rent A Car In Denver Airport - denver airport interior
denver airport interior
Rental Car In Denver Airport - painting at denver airport
painting at denver airport

Airport Data for DEN
Transportation from DEN
Parking Information

Identification Codes:  


Distance from DEN to: 

  • Denver – 22 miles (35 km)
  • Boulder  – 47 miles (75 km)
  • Colorado Springs – 89 miles (144 km)
  • Cheyenne – 112 miles (180 km)

Nearest Major Airports: 

  • Colorado Springs Airport – 98 miles (157 km)
  • Albuquerque Airport – 471 miles (758 km)
  • Salt Lake City Airport – 549 miles (884 km)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Airport – 865 miles (1392 km)

Denver Time Zone: 

  • 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT –7:00)

Hotels near DEN: 

  • There are 12 hotels within 6 miles (9 km) of Denver International Airport

Facts about DEN:

  • Largest international airport in US and 2nd largest in world by land area
  • Longest public use runway in US
  • Highest number of wildlife strikes in US
  • Roof designed to represent Rocky Mountains in winter
  • Has on-site solar energy system
  • Ground transport information desk on level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal

Car Rental at Denver Airport:

  • There are 11 rental car companies at Denver Airport
  • Most car rental companies provide courtesy shuttle bus to facilities
  • Rental car service center is on level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal
  • Car hire prices change depending on the season
  • Make use you have a worthy rental car for mountain driving

Denver City Bus:

  • Take RTD SkyRide to the city center
  • Bus stop is on level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal
  • Busses come every 15 minutes 3:30 – 1:30 every day
  • The price is between 8.00 USD and 12.00 USD
  • Taxi Service:
  • Find a taxi outside of the terminal buildings
  • There are 4 taxi companies at Denver Airport
  • The flat rate to Denver downtown is about 45.00 USD
  • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking:

  • First hour  – 1.00 USD
  • Daily  – 5.00 USD

Economy West & East Lot Parking:

  • First hour  – 1.00 USD
  • Daily  – 9.00 USD

Garage West & East Parking:

  • First hour  – 2.00 USD
  • Daily  – 18.00 USD

Valet West & East Parking:

  • First hour  – 11.00 USD
  • Each additional hour – 2.00 USD
  • Daily  – 27.00 USD

Mt. Elbert Shuttle Parking:

  • Overflow only
  • Per hour  – 1.00 USD
  • Daily  – 5.00 USD

Waiting Area:

  • Free (maximum 45 minutes)
  • *1.00 USD = 0.70 EUR, 0.60 GBP

*Price, information and exchange rates are as of June 17, 2009